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Marijuana Mind

Jan 28, 2023

Welcome to this week's exciting episode of Marijuana Mind!
Co-hosts Cynthia Brewer and Dr. Justin Davis interview Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni who have started a business selling their glassware cleaning invention! Laura (CEO) and Cara discusses some of their history, how they came to make this prototype (CIRO), and how...

Jan 14, 2023

Welcome listeners!
Join co-hosts Cynthia Brewer and Dr. Justin Davis as they connect and  interview Ty Perdue (again!) and they discuss his work and some lovely life updates! Ty is a recruiter who helps place cannabis industry workers through Instant Alliance, and they discuss this work as well as some state-wide...

Jan 7, 2023

High Hopes is a recreational cannabis dispensary owned by Massachusetts resident Russell Bogartz and is located within the Hopedale Airport's Industrial Park.

Dec 31, 2022

Cynthia Mompoint and Maur Stringer join the show to share their founding journey of a really cool product. 

The newly released product combines B12, B6 and B3, amino acids, 100mg of caffeine, and 5mg of cannabis extract emulsion.

Dec 24, 2022

Merry Christmas (Eve) and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!
Welcome back after a couple weeks off, and we have a great episode for you. Co-hosts Cynthia Brewer and Dr. Justin Davis are joined by the CEO of  Green Goddess Supply.
Follow the link to see all of their broad products, and listen along to the great...